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Our Values

Caring for the horse, advocating for the horse, and continuously improving.

Our History

We produce the highest quality devices available on the market

A decade ago, we made it our mission to develop the highest quality, high intensity pulsed magnetic device to support equine health and wellbeing. A device that was robust, portable and durable. A technology able to penetrate deep into the body, delivering results where other modalities could not, whilst also being suitable for life in the stable.

Our obsession with meeting these complex, and sometimes competing, demands led to us launching our first patented and CE certified devices, the Hofmag K7 in 2020 and Hofmag K8 in 2022. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Results

We’ve built a reputation for great results and quality engineering

We've steadily grown each year and we're now Europe's top choice for equine high-intensity pulsed magnetic field therapy devices. Our success stems from our reputation for delivering exceptional results that are scientifically backed, with the highest quality engineering.

With over 700 satisfied customers, including top international riders and professionals in equine health and wellbeing, we're proud to have our community of Hofmag champions that are happy to recommend us. This includes our horses, who love the Hofmag! .

Science & Tech

Patented technology with scientifically backed results

Our patented technology, backed by research from the prestigious Ludwig Boltzmann Institute in Vienna, is proven to boost ATP production and enhance cell function. Blinded, randomised controlled tests have also shown Hofmag's positive effects on muscle tone, limb and spinal mobility, and pain relief in horses.

We proudly contribute our technology to research environments, confident in its value and impact. If you would like us to participate in a research efficacy study, please do get in touch. We would love to be involved!

"We have been using Hofmag for many years. Our horses love it. We use it primarily for regeneration. Our horses are simply even more motivated in training and at the tournament. There is less wear and the horses thank us.’

Jessica von Bredow Werndl

"We have been using Hofmag for over a year as a part of our horses routine, it helps with recovery as well as with injuries. We have noticed an improvement in their suppleness and general wellbeing so we wouldn't want to be without it!"

Jack Whitaker
International Showjumper

"I am always interested in ways to help my horses develop strength, heal from any injuries effectively, and support their overall health. The Hofmag helps on all these levels and is my number one choice for high-intensity pulsed magnetic therapy"

Simone Blum
Show jumping Gold Medalist, Germany

Meet our agents

Our knowledgeable agents work across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, providing full training and sales support to all our customers

Stefan Rantner
Director of Sales
Karina V. Kristensen
Carolin Vogler
Marina Reis
Luxemburg, Thailand
Pascal Scherer
Hessen, Germany
Martin Stierzenbach
NRW, Germany
Achim Grunwald
NRW, Germany
Michael Oetjen
Northern Germany
Tanja Cox
Bavaria, Germany
Cornelia Pfändler
Anna Bajko
Agnes Kerekes
Jessica Hall
United Kingdom
Heinz Masson
Kieran Carey

Why choose Hofmag?

Highest efficacy and quality in the market

We pride ourselves in being a partner of choice to our customers. Choosing Hofmag means you will be choosing a quality engineering partner, who delivers the best results available in the market to your patients and customers.  

Market leading educational support

We continuously invest in our understanding of the latest insights and protocols, ensuring our customers and practitioners can harness this for their own personal practice. Our training programme is first class.

Investing in ongoing scientific research

We are committed to our ongoing investment, and impartial participation, in scientific research. We are committed to delivering on our mission of championing equine health and wellbeing through our holistic, drug free therapy.