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cellular function

The impact of stress on cellular function

When a cell is exposed to disturbances in its surrounding environment, such as  inflammation caused by overexertion, stress or injury, it can greatly reduce the cell’s energy provision. This is because the mitochondria, responsible for generating cellular energy, are less able to generate and emit adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

With less than optimal ATP production, the cell is less able to perform vital processes resulting in the cell losing its functional quality. This causes the body to operate sub optimally and can cause exhaustion, pain, stiffness, reduced range of motion and slower recovery times.

research findings

Scientific research-backed results

Exposure of animal cells to Hofmag’s patented wave has been scientifically proven by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute  to significantly increase ATP in dysfunctional cells.

Hofmag treatments restore homeostasis in the cell and enable dysfunctional cells to recover and perform optimally, with remarkable positive effects across a range of conditions. 

"I am always interested in ways to help my horses develop strength, heal from any injuries effectively, and support their overall health. The Hofmag helps on all these levels and is my number one choice for high-intensity pulsed magnetic therapy"

Simone Blum
Show jumping Gold Medalist, Germany

"We have been using Hofmag for over a year as a part of our horses routine, it helps with recovery as well as with injuries. We have noticed an improvement in their suppleness and general wellbeing so we wouldn't want to be without it!"

Jack Whitaker
International Showjumper

"We have been using Hofmag for many years. Our horses love it. We use it primarily for regeneration. Our horses are simply even more motivated in training and at the tournament. There is less wear and the horses thank us.’

Jessica von Bredow Werndl

KEY insight

Cellular exposure to the field is key

The results of magnetic field treatment depends on both the strength and duration of exposure, and also on the specific waveform characteristics of the device.

What makes the Hofmag unique is the the duration cells are exposed to the magnetic field. The Hofmag's ability to deliver this unique wave formation is the scientific reason behind its success.

competitor technology

Patented wave technology

This illustration, taken from the output of an oscillograph, demonstrates the difference in the wave formation between other high intensity pulsed magnetic devices and the Hofmag. It highlights that the strength of the initial peak doesn’t result in a longer pulsed train, or more cellular level exposure to the magnetic field.

Hofmag’s patented technology delivers the most effective therapy due to its ability to uniquely expose the cell to more magnetic field per treatment, with 6 pulse trains per second, and the length of the wave, penetrating up to 20cm deep.

Wave penetration into the body
Pulse trains per second

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