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The Hofmag K8

The next-generation high intensity pulsed magnetic field therapy.

Accelerate healing

Hofmag enhances healing through cell membrane changes, inducing hyperpolarisation. This process promotes tissue repair, reduces inflammation, regulates nerve regeneration, alleviates pain, and restores homeostasis.

Reduce pain

Hofmag therapy reduces your horse's pain and improves overall wellbeing by altering cell activity, modulating nerve signalling, promoting endorphin release, decreasing inflammation and providing effective pain relief for various conditions.

Aid performance

Hofmag therapy aids injury prevention by enhancing range of motion, promoting tissue repair, improving circulation, reducing muscle tension, supporting optimal physical function and performance.

Key Results

Scientifically proven to help recovery and rehabilitation

The Hofmag has undergone a blinded, randomised control trial (RCT) considered the gold standard when establishing the efficacy of an applied intervention.

We are proud of our results, demonstrating the positive effect of Hofmag on musculoskeletal pain in horses in terms of: muscle tone, limb and spinal passive range of movement, and pain modulation in horses.

"I am always interested in ways to help my horses develop strength, heal from any injuries effectively, and support their overall health. The Hofmag helps on all these levels and is my number one choice for high-intensity pulsed magnetic therapy"

Simone Blum
Show jumping Gold Medalist, Germany

"We have been using Hofmag for many years. Our horses love it. We use it primarily for regeneration. Our horses are simply even more motivated in training and at the tournament. There is less wear and the horses thank us.’

Jessica von Bredow Werndl

"We have been using Hofmag for over a year as a part of our horses routine, it helps with recovery as well as with injuries. We have noticed an improvement in their suppleness and general wellbeing so we wouldn't want to be without it!"

Jack Whitaker
International Showjumper

Key Feature

Unique and patented 'pulse generator' design. Delivers quicker results.

  • Generates synu wave based, alternating magnetic fields  
  • Penetrates OVER 20cm deep into tissue
  • Faster results due to longer exposure to the magnetic field
  • PATENted technology

Key Feature

Deliver fast and effective treatments. Anywhere.

  • Compact design for treatment on the go
  • 240v mains or battery Powered
  • Safe for use wherever, whenever
  • FEI Permitted

Key Feature

Interchangeable loops. Targeted and time based treatments.

  • small loops offer diagnostic capabilities
  • 5 different for maximum effectiveness and efficiency

Customer stories

“Since May 2021, my horses have been treated with Hofmag for a range of reasons. To aid the recovery process after operations, to keep scar tissue elastic, to support horses through their growth phase or loosen stuck and cramped muscles. I have also seen success after tendon injuries, which have healed much faster. And the reduction in pain caused by cramped muscles throughout the body was clearly noticeable. Because I train my horses up to S-dressage with one hand, and my horses have to compensate for my asymmetry, Hofmag therapy is now also part of my support for the horse, not only after injuries, but also during training.”

Britta Wassermann
Dressage Rider & Owner

"I have noticed a huge difference in my horse's behaviour since giving her Hofmag treatments every week. Previously, she wouldn’t like to be touched and whilst she was willing to learn and ride, after a short time or when cantering she would become tense and try to run away from under you. Especially in winter. She is now happier, more relaxed when riding and she has also changed physically, as she has started to build a topline. I find it fun to ride her again now she is a happier horse!"

Horse Owner

"All of our No Stress Horses had a course of treatments with the Hofmag a year ago and the difference in their movement and range of motion was incredible with the effects still being noticed a year on."

Equine business owner

Hofmag K8

Quality engineering. Manufactured in Europe.

  • we always have units in stock
  • Express hofmag delivery
  • 3 year guarantee
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470mm x 355mm x 175mm
Mains Volts
220Vac to 250Vac 1A 50Hz
3.15 Amp
Power Consumption
IP Rating
IP 54
Pulse current
500 to 1600 Amps, Adjustable over 13 step range
Pulse frequency
6 Pulse Trains per second (6Hz), each 1 millisecond long, swinging at 27kHz
Magnetic field Intensity
up to 650 Gaus
declaration of conformity 

QUality engineering

Unbeatable results. Partner of choice.

We pride ourselves in being a partner of choice to our customers. One that is committed to supporting your equestrian ambitions.

Choosing Hofmag means you will be choosing a quality engineering partner. One that will ensure you minimise any downtime during ownership of your device. And  our experts are always on hand to guide and advise you on the use and application. We look forward to you joining our community of the most knowledgeable and caring practitioners and owners of pulsed magnetic therapy in the world.  

science backed results

Scientifically proven to accelerate recovery and rehabilitation

We are committed to ongoing investment and participation into impartial scientific research.

We are committed to delivering on our mission of championing equine health and wellbeing through our holistic, drug free therapy.

Customer support

Expert customer support and training. When you need it

We are continuously investing in understanding the latest insights into equine health and wellbeing. We want to ensure our customers and practitioners are able to harness this for their own personal practice. Our training programme is first class.

Our market leading guarantee also means we will ensure your Hofmag device will not let your patients down when you most need it.

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