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introducing Hofmag

The leading pulsed magnetic therapy. Trusted by professionals, horse lovers and horses.

"We have been using Hofmag for many years. Our horses love it. We use it primarily for regeneration. Our horses are simply even more motivated in training and at the tournament. There is less wear and the horses thank us."

Jessica von Bredow Werndl
double olympic Champion

Why you'll love Hofmag therapy

Accelerate healing

Hofmag's patented technology is proven to accelerate ATP production at a cellular level and restore homeostasis, supporting the bodies natural healing processes.

Relax tight, stiff muscles

Regular Hofmag treatments promote supple muscles that are less prone to injury from tears, trauma and swelling. Leaving your horse less at risk of preventable injury.

Increase range of motion

Hofmag has been scientifically proven to increase joint range of motion by targeting factors that contribute to muscle fibre shortening and constriction.

Reduce pain

Hofmag treatments are proven to reduce pain by decreasing inflammation, promoting tissue repair, and addressing underlying causes of pain.

Improve performance

Hofmag optimises blood flow and delivery of oxygen, alongside other essential nutrients to the muscles; enhancing endurance and performance.

Hofmag K8

Next generation therapy for treating bone, joint and soft tissue damage

Grounded in science, and designed specifically for life in the stable, the Hofmag K8 penetrates deep into tissue and kick-starts the body’s natural healing processes by optimising blood flow, oxygenation and energy at a cellular level.

Discover more on the fastest growing, FEI permitted device that is making waves in the equine world.

The Science

Stimulating cells to kickstart the healing processes

Exposure of cells to Hofmag’s wave has been scientifically proven to increase mitochondrial production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in dysfunctional cells.

This enables dysfunctional cells to recover and perform optimally, with remarkable positive effects across a range of conditions.

Key Results

Scientifically proven to help recovery and rehabilitation

The Hofmag has undergone a blinded, randomised control trial (RCT). This is considered the gold standard when attempting to establish the efficacy of an applied intervention with no selection bias, and a robust statistically significant outcome.

We are proud of our results demonstrating the positive effect of Hofmag on musculoskeletal pain in horses in terms of muscle tone, limb and spinal passive range of movement and pain modulation in horses.

We continue to participate in independent research. Please do contact us if you would like Hofmag to join a study you are involved in.

"We have been using Hofmag for many years. Our horses love it. We use it primarily for regeneration. Our horses are simply even more motivated in training and at the tournament. There is less wear and the horses thank us.’

Jessica von Bredow Werndl

"I am always interested in ways to help my horses develop strength, heal from any injuries effectively, and support their overall health. The Hofmag helps on all these levels and is my number one choice for high-intensity pulsed magnetic therapy"

Simone Blum
Show jumping Gold Medalist, Germany

"We have been using Hofmag for over a year as a part of our horses routine, it helps with recovery as well as with injuries. We have noticed an improvement in their suppleness and general wellbeing so we wouldn't want to be without it!"

Jack Whitaker
International Showjumper

About Us

Championing better equine health through technology

We are proud of the values-led, expert, and international team we have assembled behind Hofmag. This team ensures we deliver on our mission to support equine health and wellbeing.

Find out more about our story, the team we have behind the Hofmag brand, and your local agent that can support you in your Hofmag journey.

Hofmag K8

Quality engineering. Manufactured in Europe.

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