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Diversifying your equine business with Hofmag

Whether you’re a rider, professional competitor, stable owner, trainor or veterinary therapist, you’ll understand the importance of a health

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The benefits of high intensity PEMF from Hofmag

Whether you’re a rider, professional competitor, stable owner, trainor or veterinary therapist, you’ll understand the importance of a healthy horse. The large muscle groups, bones and joints of these magnificent animals work hard, and they need to be protected.

The K8 device from Hofmag effortlessly delivers high intensity pulsed electromagnetic field technology to the bones and soft tissues. This helps to prevent injury, improve muscle tone and range of movement and accelerate rehabilitation. A happy, healthy animal, an increase in performance and a faster recovery time is arguably the Holy Grail of riding and competing. 

Our medical grade PEMF technology penetrates deeper into the muscles - up to 22 cm - and treats hard to reach areas, acting on injury and inflammation at a cellular level. The fully portable Hofmag device can also be taken beyond the stable, to other stables, out in the field or at the competing ground. The large, robust loop and strong carry case are perfectly designed for life in the stable, too. 

Becoming a Hofmag practitioner is therefore a valuable asset to your stable or to your business as a veterinary physiotherapist. 

Here’s one story of how one of our practitioners diversified her equine business with Hofmag. 

Hofmag. Beyond the stable

Carolin is a riding instructor based in Austria, who has been riding and working with horses her whole life. 

As a successful and highly experienced riding instructor, Carolin was interested in expanding her business, and that’s when she discovered the benefits of magnetic field therapy, both in terms of the positive effects on muscle stiffness, mobility and pain in her horses, as well as for her business treating animals. She decided to try the Hofmag K8 device after having experienced operating problems with other PEMF brands. 

Carolin became a Hofmag practitioner, learning how to use the K8 machine to treat both her own horses, and horses belonging to other stables. Her Hofmag training allowed her to take the machine and her experience to other riders, trainers and stable owners to help treat horses in discomfort, as well as earning a second source of income. 

Straight away, Carolin found the K8 to be smaller and much lighter than the machines she’d used previously. This made it ideal for using out in the field and for transporting elsewhere to wherever she was needed. The simple interchangeable loops are also extremely convenient and an “absolute must have” when treating horses away from a stable environment.

Not only that, Carolin noticed an increase in benefits to the horses she was treating when using the Hofmag, more than she’d previously noted when using other pulsed magnetic field devices. 

Increased rideability, more than with any other device 

After treating horses with musculoskeletal pain and immobility with the Hofmag K8 device, Carolin described their overall mobility as “looser”. Plus, she goes on to say, “I had more success with rideability than with any other non-pharmaceutical device I’ve used in the past.”

“Horses that were already fairly relaxed became even more relaxed and calm after just a few applications. Those animals with painful, visibly stiff areas were moving free from pain after only a few applications and remained so for longer than if they had been treated at length by a chiropractor.”

Regular treatments using the K8 machine can transform the performance of injured horses or those who train at a high intensity and for whom quick yet proper recovery is vital. 

Carolin’s anecdotal findings have been scientifically and robustly backed up too. 

The benefits of Hofmag for muscle tone, limb and spinal passive range of movement and pain modulation in horses has been independently assessed in a blinded, randomised control trial undertaken by a veterinary physiotherapist, unaffiliated with Hofmag. The research concluded that the device has a significantly positive effect on musculoskeletal pain, and that practitioners can use it with a high degree of confidence that a horse will benefit and can significantly improve. 

Simple, effective treatment, as soon as the need arises

Horses are obviously unable to communicate verbally how they’re feeling. If they’re in pain, we might recognise changes in their behaviours and other obvious physical signs if a painful area is palpated or moved about. In the same way, they’re unable to communicate that they feel better, they can only go back to being their usual selves. 

Horse owners, riders, trainers and practitioners will recognise when a horse isn’t themselves or displaying signs of discomfort. This can be as a result of being overworked, slow recovery or injury, that can happen at any time. Which is why having a Hofmag device in your stable is so important for starting therapy as soon as possible. 

In Carolin’s own words, she “doesn’t know of any other device that allows her to relax tense, tired, tight or injured muscles as much as the Hofmag”. 

Trusted by professionals 

Such is the success of Carolin’s therapy using the Hofmag, she’s now finding that many of her clients and stable owners are recommending her to others with horses experiencing musculoskeletal problems. And as we know with most products and services, a recommendation is more often than not, the best form of marketing!

If you’re interested in discovering how becoming a Hofmag practitioner can benefit you and your horses, we’d love a chat.