Introducing our new brand

As we have grown and matured as a business, we have taken the decision to invest in our brand to reflect our ambitions for the future...

Hofmag Team

We are excited to share our new brand with you

It has been five years since we first launched the Hofmag into the market. We have been delighted with the positive response we have received. Having grown year on year, we are now proud to have many passionate and loyal Hofmag customers treating our equine friends and supporting their wellbeing across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

As we have grown and matured as a business, we have taken the decision to invest in our brand to reflect our ambitions for the future. This investment will also better support our growing community of Hofmag practitioners, as they take our brand out to the world and deliver treatments across the globe.

If you are a Hofmag practitioner and would like more information on how to use our brand going forward, please visit our brand guidelines page.

We have refined our purpose to be a champion for equine health and wellbeing. 

We do this through our investment in developing the Hofmag to support recovery and rehabilitation and by living our values daily.

Our core values are to always: 

- Care for the horse: Everything we do as a business is ultimately caring for the horse. This is our priority as it is for our customers and partners. This is a unifying value.

- Advocate for the horse: Horses can’t speak for themselves but we can advocate for them to be healthier, happier horses. We will champion gentle and holistic therapies and modalities. We will care for the better outcome for horses on all occassions.

- Continuously improve: It is in our DNA to be constantly improving. We are engineers at heart. We strive to deliver our best for our customers and partners, and to invest in the future. So we will always be the at the forefront of what delivers equine health and wellbeing

You will see and experience our team living these values daily. In everything we do. From: the quality of our craftsmanship, how we develop our product roadmap, the training and development we provide to our practitioners and the ongoing support we provide our partners. 

We hope you like our new look and feel

We hope you enjoy our new look and feel. As you can see, we have evolved our logo. We have also introduced a new Hofmag monogram that denotes upward energy and momentum. This symbolises both the magnetic field and the forward momentum of Hofmag.  For more information on our logo and assets, click here

Whilst we have changed some elements of our brand, we are still the same core business that our customers and partners have invested in. We will continue to deliver the same quality of engineering and customer care that you can expect from us. So many of the things you rely on will not change but we hope to deliver more and delight as we go forward.

Please look out for our team at events and competitions near you this spring and summer, and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

If you are a Hofmag customer and would like to know more about using our brand going forward, please email:

For a copy of our Hofmag partner guidelines, please click here.

Thank you 

The Hofmag team